Sound Maintenance is Your Best Defense Against the Cost of High Energy Bills

DualTemp provides three unique programs to help you control costs

        In this relentlessly competitive economy, every company has concerns about higher maintenance costs and maintenance productivity. According to some experts, maintenance is the largest single manageable expenditure in a facility: in many instances it surpasses annual net profit

        Although many agree that maintenance strategies such as preventative and predictive maintenance program have produced encouraging savings, recent studies have shown that still more maintenance costs can be saved

      Typically, maintenance expenditures can be divided into two main categories. The first is referred as direct costs which are easy to justify and to report. These direct costs consist of items such as labor, materials, services, and maintenance overhead cost are the cost tabulated and shown as maintenance costs. 

        The other category of maintenance costs is hidden costs or indirect costs which are stealth in nature and harder to measure. These hidden costs can be significant and dangerous to a company’s fiscal health.

There are six profit eroding areas that affect most facilities:

  1. Frequent breakdowns and unplanned plant shutdown losses
  2. Excessive set-up, changeovers and adjustments losses
  3. Idling and minor stoppages
  4. Running at reduced and inefficient speeds
  5. Premature equipment replacement
  6. Quality defects in production

        It’s critical for facility managers to maximize maintenance effectiveness and equipment uptime. According to a study on maintenance productivity, most maintenance departments achieve only 25% to 35% of productive capacity. This causes many companies to experience difficulties with quality control, production levels and schedule adherence, since the equipment they are using is not properly maintained.

The condition of today’s marketing place demands an integrated maintenance program into a company’s improvement agenda. DualTemp Mechanical is the resource for these critical programs.

        We offer three unique programs that will help you improve your maintance effectiveness, reduce your energy consupmtion and cut your energy costs:

1. Strategic Energy Alliance
This is a consortuim of industry experts that look at your building energy usage as a whole. As a member, we inspect and analyze the three key areas of energy flow of your facility: the source, the equipment and the control. They provide strategies and reccomendations on how to improve your energy comsuption and reducing your costs.
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2. Proactive Maintenance Program
We can help you avoid the problems you can’t afford to have by helping you become more proactive with you maintenance. You’ve have too much relying on your mechanical systems to wait for problems to occur. It is essential to have a plan which takes a “total cost containment” view of how your system affects your bottom line.
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3. Control Board Repair Service
Your Building Automation Systems (BAS) are critical to the operation of your facility. Being prepared for breakdowns and stoppages are key to your productivity. At DualTemp, we offer a repair program that saves you time and money. 

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